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Since we are established as a legal association, our main duty is to protect all our members by informing and guiding them about their problem. Our duty and obligation towards our members is to give them any possible assistance, advice and support in order to find their birthparents.

Therefore, we are here and we will always be here to prohibit and prevent any action that will be made against maternity in the future. We are here to collect any information concerning illegally adopted children and to proceed such information to the general autorney and to the Greek authorities. We are here to listen to all information for all the children that had been illegally adopted in the past or shall be in the future. We are here to prevent some doctors from giving false certificates of death to the unsuspicious birthmothers for their children.

A very serious reason for our existence as association is the rights of the adoptees, which have tremendously been violated. One principal right of the adoptees is to know their medical records. How many times in a lifetime had an adoptee been asked about his or her medical record? How many times did and adoptee feel embarrassed because he did not know the answer? Do you know that brothers and sisters ended up to be married to each other without knowing the blood relationship between them? Does anyone know that many adoptees have received psychological treatment when they found out that the parents who raised them up were not their birth parents?
Who is going to give an answer to all these serious for the life questions that an adoptee has? Who am I? Where am I going? Where do I belong? What is going to happen to me?

No medical records, no identity, no protection of the possibility of being married to your very own sister or brother. No human rights at all! Our association is in any way a must, to assist, to protect, to prevent all these things from happening.

We have already helped 365 families to be reunited and this is the proof of what exactly we do. Therefore, our purpose is the information, the protection, the support and the reunion of our members. S.E.A.S.Y.P is the quarantee of the adoptees' future and the consolation of the reunion of the adoptees of the past where law has no valid or gives protection.

Never again to the non-consent adoptions.
True identity for all adoptees.
Truth and respect for all of us.


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