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Since it is a must and a great need for every one to know his history and biological roots for many reasons, we hereby explain what we believe and why.

Our true identity is for many reasons important and of course it is a constitutional right issue. All children that had been placed in adoptions have the right as adults to access the records of their birth in the same manner as any other citizen of this country. Any legislation that is less than access on demand without compromise, is a violation on this basic right, and as such must not be allowed to exist. Understriched open records for adults adoptees is the norm in most of the rest of the free world including Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, Mexico and some states in America, United Kingdom, Israel and most European countries. Compromise legislation is an effort to the dignity and self-respect of adoptees, as well. No country has the right to treat adult adoptees as criminals or eternal children. All countries should respect all adoptees and the fact that they wish to find their families. It is a legal obligation and a Holy duty. We believe in open records, which help the adult adoptees to define their nationality, genetic, and cultural heritage.

  • Every effort to keep families together should be made.
  • Every effort to inform adoptees for their medical heritage should be made.
  • Every effort to protect the human rights of the adult adoptees should be made.
  • Every effort in order to make adoption practices more human should be made.

All adoptees passed through hell. We spent money, time and soul pain. We actually have deposited our soul in order to be reunited with our families.
May God never allow any adoptee to be tortured, as we were when we were trying to find the hidden truth of our lives. May no country allow any adult adoptee to be treated as a bastard in his efforts to be reunited. Our lives belong to us and so do our adoption records. Our lives are not each country's ex-files.

S.E.A.S.Y.P believes that any other opinion or position is against to the Greek law 2447/96 and against to the Greek constitution article 2. And it is also against to the international laws of the human rights, the human dignity and the values of life itself.

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