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Fullname: Tissali Sakis 2/1/2003 6:09:17
Place: Germany
Comments: My Brother contacted SEASYP 1 year ago and Ifigenia called him the next day in australia.Ifgenia contacted him with the information on his family. We are 4 brothers and in germany. I know Ifigenia will help more people to find there familys. I thank her for bring Us the best chrstmas in or lifes. Keep up the good work .
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: Dear Sakis, Although I never had the chance to meet you and your family I am the one who is thanking you for your kind words and your testimony in our guest book.Demetris and Katerina are very nice ,kind and very emotional persons. They deserved to have a happy ending in their adoption research journey.I am so happy and so glad that their adventure endeed this way. They surely deserve all your love acceptance and affection. Congratulations on your reunion. What a present for the New Year for both families!. Please write your e-mail I would like to be in contact with you! Warm regards to all your family in Germany. Ifigenia

Fullname: Patricia Thornburg 24/12/2002 5:14:06
Place: United States/Gaithersburg,MD/20878
Email: Patyth3@aol.com
Comments: My husband and I contacted SEASYP a few months ago and was contacted by Ifigenia the next day.with a few short weeks Ifigenia contacted us with information on my family. Thanks to SEASYP I now know I have two aunts,two uncles and my loving mother. I have spoken with one aunt and my mother on the phone and hope to be reunited in the near future.I beleive Ifigenia has a heart of gold and is very much dedicated to helping all of us who are in search of fulfilling the void in our lives. I have also spoken with valerie,whom is the North American representative for SEASYP and she too is a jewel in the ruff.Thank you Ifigenia,Valerie and there associates for the dedication and hard work you do on a daily basis. With love to SEASYP and all my Greek brothers and sisters. Patricia
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: Dear Patricia, I deeply thank you for your testimony on your reunion. I will always be on you side till the moment you will come to your native. I will always be the connecting bridge with you and your beloved ones. You are a lucky person that you find a mother that simply adores you. She is waiting for you to come as soon as possible and we will all work for this to be true. It will remain unforgetable in my memory for ever, the moment of that first contact with your mother.Her tears dropping by on her cheeks while she was talking to you,like water perls,gave me the encourangment to go on and to find 40 more case within a month. This is a hit!!!Ourania, Claire, and you opened a new way on my researches.Nothing is like as before.In the end I found out that love is the power of the success in everything.For this I am asking from all Grrek Born Adoptees to be reunited with each other as a unique power. All the rest will come as a result of this first reunion, among the people who are seeking, and this special human connection. God bless you and your family Congratulations on your reunion and for this nice, tender, loving care mother that you found. Ifigenia

Fullname: charlie halbert 21/12/2002 11:44:57
Place: healdton,ok,73438 usa
Email: charleshalbert*@hotmail.com
Comments: it has been over 40 years since i have heard of anything of my Greek family. being told from childhood that they were dead. Ifigenia has given me the most special present a person could ask for, truly one of the greatest gifts from God. It fills me with joy to know after all these years that my family never forgot me and never gave up. Thank you, Semni. Thank you, Ifigenia, Polyvios
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: Dear Polyvios, Although it was a long and exchaustive research for me, as it is always happeningin the end, I got my award finding you and reuniting you again with your family. I will help you and I will even facilitate your trip back home. You are worthy for this trip as another Ulysses (Ithaka ancient King) who after many adventures returns back in the sacre native land . I and my Associates here and in States congratulate you for your wonderful reunion! You are really a very special Greek ! Your sister Semni and your brother George can`t see the day that they will hold you again in their arms! I thank you for being my friend with kind regards Ifigenia

Fullname: Claire J. Campbell 19/12/2002 2:46:47
Place: Rockville, MD USA 20850
Email: cj@campbellfamily.biz
Comments: I want to thank Ifigenia for the challenge she took on to help all Greek-American adoptees. She is a hard worker and has nothing but love in her heart to help us. Even though my birth mother doesn't want to see me, Ifigenia worked tirelessly on my behalf to try to get a reunion. God bless you Ifigenia, We will always be sisters.
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: Dear sis, Iwill never stop loving you and care for you. You are one of a kind.Our friendship will stand solid as a rock for all years to come. I will not stop fighting on your behalf till I make your mother realize what a wonderful child is rejecting of her life. You and Ourania made me much stronger than before. We, the tree us made the perfect TRIAD to work and fight for the rights of the GREEK BORN ADOPTEES. FOR EVER TOGETHER YOU OURANIA AND I ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE IFIGENIA

Fullname: Nick Sideris 29/11/2002 6:41:51
Place: The World
Email: erosisone@hotmail.com
WebSite: http://www.greekdates.com
Comments: It is so nice to see that the time was taken to develope a site of this nature, we enjoyed our visit.
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: Dear friends, Thank you deeply for your nice comments and for stopping by. We have a sacre mission to accomplish and for this we need you to encourage us to go on. Thank you friends, Ifigenia

Fullname: Anna Mathesi 12/10/2002 8:09:05
Place: Ellada/Athina.
Email: pemo@e-free.gr
Comments: Kuria Kalfopoulou. Einai polloi ekeinoi pou megalwsan se uiothetimenes oikogeneies kai o ponos gia tin agnwsti biologiki riza aperantos.Mesa sta skotadia toutou tou ponou kai tis anasfaleias irthe to diko sas ergo.O POLLES FORES ANISOS AGWNAS GIA THN EPANENWSH THS FYSIKHS OIKOGENEIAS. Ontws,ena fwteino ergo gia ta maura xronia tis plastotitas kai tis arpagis brefwn pou pleon tha krinei i istoria... Einai simantiki i parousia sas ston Elliniko koinwniko xwro, pisteuw pws o Theos kathodigei ta bimata sas. Eithe panta na exete tis eulogies Tou,eseis kai oi sunergates sas,kathws kai oloi ekeinoi pou exoun emplakei "akousia" se touto to drama. Apo kardias sugxaritiria se olous sas. Meta timis. Anna Mathesi
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: Agapiti `Anna , Elpizw na apozimiwsa tis prosdokies kai tin empistosuni sas me tin euresi tis miteras tou Timou. Alla panw apola noiwthw polu eutuxismeni pou brika se mia monaxiki kai apelpismeni gunaika to monakribo paidi tis. As eiste oloi kala kai panta eutuxismenoi. Aksize i kathe prospatheia!!!! Auto mono mporw na pw! H megali oikogeneia tou SEASYP sunexws megalwnei kai auto mou dinei tin megaluteri xara kai ikanopoiisi. Seuxaristw gia ta kala sou logia . `Oloi xreiazontai dunami kai kouragio meta apo ena duskolo kai kopiastiko taksidi san ki auto. M ektimisi H fili sas Ifigeneia

Fullname: Soula Karas 2/3/2002 4:05:50
Place: International
WebSite: www.greekfriends.com/
Comments: On behalf of the 12,000 members of www.GreekFriends.com, the world's largest and fastest-growing Greek cultural/friendship/dating website, your site is really nice. www.GreekFriends.com, Connecting Greeks Everywhere. Yeia sas.
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: Dear Soula, Sometimes comments like these are the greatest comfort someone is getting after a painful searching journey. Thank you and many best wishes for accomplishing the purposes of your cause Regards Ifigenia

Fullname: Konstantinos Vrachopoulos 19/10/2001 11:09:43
Place: Greece - Athens - Glyfada city
Email: grkostis@hotmail.com
WebSite: Soul Radio Network
Comments: Mia Eikona einai xiliades lekseis.Mia Praksi apoteleite apo eikones pou to mono pou mas prosferoun einai i aisiodoksia gia tin synexeia tou agona.Synexise Ifigeneia o kosmos se exei anagki.
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: S`efxaristo apo tin kardia mou gia yia ta kala sou logia. Tora pou o agonas arxizei na ginetai pio dyskolos ego exo akomi pio poly tin anagki ton filon na me stirizoun kai na me agapoun na eisai kala kai na synexiseis na prosfereis kai sy me ton tropo sou IFI

Fullname: Kaliopi (Kali) McCall 6/4/2001 6:31:13
Place: USA, Lawton, OK 73505
Email: schymanee@aol.com
Comments: Dearest Ifigenia and S.E.A.S.Y.P, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful site offered to assist me in finding my birth family in Greece. I could not have accomplished as much as I have without you assistance. It really makes a difference when people like you help others like myself make dreams become a reality. It is amazing that you were all able to help so quickly. Unfortunately I am not able to be with my mother, but as always, she is in my dreams and my mind always. That is the way it has a
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: My dear Kali, I am so proud I was able to help you been reunited with your brothers here in Greece.I wish you could been able to find your mother also.Keep her memory warmely in your heart.I am sure that you have been found by her blessings from Heaven. Always your friend Ifigenia

Fullname: James J. Chriss 16/1/2001 10:38:04
Place: 4028 Washington Blvd., University Hts., OH 44118
Email: jchriss@core.com
Comments: Did you receive the summary of my situation as an adoptee from Greece (Kalamata)? I will resubmit if it was not received. Thank you.
S.E.A.S.Y.P.: Dear James, Ihave good news for you.Ilocated your biological family and your origin birth certificate within three days!!!I wish everything will be allright for your reunion.I am so happy for you. Best regards Ifigenia

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